Probate, Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

McCurdy Law - ServicesNo matter the size of the estate, it is important to take the appropriate steps to make sure your assets are distributed as you desire. Our office believes in the necessity of a will. We routinely provide clients with low cost estate planning packages that include a Will, Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney. For larger estates, our firm can help you develop a plan that protects your assets while addressing other concerns your specific situation may entail. If you have assets you want to protect, it is a good idea to develop an estate plan that outlines how your property should be distributed.

Andrew Lowman routinely represents individuals with probate matters in the North Georgia and Metro Atlanta area. If you have been nominated as the Executor of a deceased individual’s estate, it is important to understand exactly what is required of you. This can be an overwhelming ordeal when trying to accomplish it alone. Our attorneys can answer any probate questions you have, and assist you with the petition necessary to be appropriately appointed as the Executor. If an individual passes without a Will, it may still be necessary to have an Administrator appointed. Our office assists individuals with filing:

- Petitions to Probate a Will
- Petitions to file Will not for Probate
- Petitions for Letters of Administration
- Litigation/Disputes related to an estate
- Negotiating with creditors of the estate
- Petition for Year's Support
- Guardianship Petitions
- Conservatorship Petitions

If you have Probate related questions, or need assistance with the preparation of a Will, Trust or other Estate Planning documents, the attorneys in our firm are happy to speak with you. We can address all of your concerns during a consultation that is no charge to you. We have prepared a Will Worksheet to assist individuals with the preparation of their will. To take advantage of this tool, please print and complete a copy and call our office to schedule an appointment.